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Velocity Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd (VMS) was established in Mumbai in 2016. VMS is a subsidiary of JATAJ GROUP. Since that time it has provided marine transportation services, on behalf of its clients, by managing over 23 vessels  of  various  types  and  sizes.  The  company  is  able  to offer a range of  ship  management   and   marine  transportation  services  to  their  clients,

including day to day operational functions.

VMS currently operates a modern Fleet of Tankers, Bulk Carrier, General Cargo, Containers, Offshore Vessels, Passenger Ships flying various Flag and classed with major IACS Classification Societies.

velocity maritime services pvt. ltd.

Organizational Structure

working at vms

We, as VMS are aware about the importance of our personnel. That is why we are happy of rendering the service with increasing quality every day. We offer to our personnel’s, open to technological developments, share-mind and with a perfect team-work aiming to contribute their personal improvements and to keep their satisfaction at highest levels. VMS offers a supportive working life which  is  participative  and  open  for  improvement and with which we can get the most out of our potential in line with our business objectives. We can identify the goals that will improve our professionalism in parallel with company intelligence and we do business knowing what contributions our efforts provide to us and to the company. In this context, the basic qualifications we seek in our colleagues are;
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management and Internal Motivation
  • Result-Orientation
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Time Management and Setting up Priorities
  • Taking Initiative
  • Corporate Awareness
  • Cost and Productivity Awareness
  • Analytical Thinking

By filling out new job application form in the Career Page, you will be taking the first step toward working at VMS. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by the Human Resources and you will be notified when a position suitable to your qualifications is available.

human resources policy

Respect and Trust values of all our employees by adopting a corporate culture is the foundation of our Human Resources Policy. VMS, which aims to grow along with its employees, customers and shareholders in all aspects of production and management, working under the principle of a “Focus on People Approach” is committed to;

  • Applying rewarding practices
  • Evaluating the individual performances
  • Focused on and creating employee motivation
  • Following modern Human Resources Policy
  • Providing self-improving environment
  • Employee development with improvement
  • Creating a teamwork environment
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • Right Person for the right job
  • Planning & developing the careers

grievance and recruitment placement

It is Better to Perform one’s own duties imperfectly, than to master the duties of others. (The Bhagvad Gita)