maritime employees

Invisible competitiveness in the shipping industry lies in the excellent maritime human resources.
VMS has made the endless efforts for training excellent talented people.
We look for the leading roles who will take charge of safety operation.

education system

We train experts who are proficient in the theory and practice through the systematic,
specialized internal/ external curriculum qualified for the past half century.

External education

In accordance with the ever-changing domestic, international regulations, we manage to prepare legitimate qualifications efficiently by making complete the curriculum required from newly appointed officers to superior officers.

Refresher training

We carry out diverse refresher training regularly to have sufficient duty abilities.

Boarding practice

We carry out the commissioned practices through academic-industrial links with domestic and foreign maritime universities, and we give positive support to prepare capabilities as newly appointed officers in the future
The Wise should work without attachment, For the welfare of society. (The Bhagvad Gita)